Aura and Angel Readings

Angel Aura Readings Bridge waterfall

Aura Readings by Jennifer Lynch at her home Nr. Stowmarket

She can also give aura readings via Skype if you have a web cam.

An aura reading is similar to taking a “photograph” of your energy field, at any particular moment in time. Our aura changes continually, second by second and our chakras (energy centers) respond to our emotions, as well as create our physical health. Most illnesses are first found in the emotional body before they manifest into the physical dimension. If you are feeling really out of sync emotionally and you are unable to “heal” , or come to terms with what is happening in your life, an Aura Reading can be extremely helpful. Jennifer can see where the blocks are within the chakras and discuss possible paths to help your re-align to your soul path. It is never about telling the future but guidance to enhance your future. The future is up to you!
She uses pastels on black paper to draw the aura which can be scanned and sent via email or posted to you. Jennifer also uses Angel Cards and Life Guidance to empower you and assist you in making positive choices for your life. More about this in (my work section).Jennifer is also psychic and clairvoyant and can bring messages from spirit if requested but tends not to work this way as she prefers to work with angel guidance.
Please contact me for further details or with any questions you may have.

For payment of Aura Readings, Angel Card Readings and Soul Coaching please click the telephone readings link on the menu

There is a cheaper price if you book me after a mini reading on facebook live.