My MBS Books – Shades of Kefalonia featured in Kindred Spirit, Rainbow Ascension Angels

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Jennifer Lynch’s latest novel

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Shades of Kefalonia Audio Book

As featured in Issue 139 of Kindred Spirit Magazine
Shades of Kefalonia is a journey into colour. It is a small book of meditations inspired by my own trip to Kefalonia, in September 2014. These meditations were written as visualizations to align the chakras and bring about balance and harmony by focusing on colour. Many of the meditations were written on the beach, or in a beautiful garden and some were penned in the still of the night. It is my journey, but I hope that it will also become your journey. A place to reflect both on the similarities between nature and our own inner transformation.

Balance each of your chakras daily by using this CD for relaxation.

1. Introduction
2. Red – Base
3. Orange – Sacral
4. Yellow – Solar Plexus
5. Pink/Green – Heart
6. Blue – Throat
7. Indigo – Brow
8. Crown – White/Violet

Backing tracks by Glen Farthing
Cover art by Keziah Osborne

Also available through Create Space


Rainbow Ascension Cards

Rainbow Ascension Angels – full set seen above.

reverse card made large for fb

Jennifer’s Rainbow Ascension Angels
consist of 22 cards – each one having a different Angel Affirmation
The colours on each of these cards were channelled but the design was
created by my son Jason Lynch who also designed this website.

The Rainbow Ascension Cards are very healing cards. You can either pick
one card a day for you to work with, or you can use them for giving
readings to your friends or professionally. I frequently use these beautiful
cards at my events for guidance and people absolutely love them.

They come in a beautiful blue bag with stars!

22 Beautiful Angel affirmations

22 Beautiful Angel affirmations

Rainbow Ascension Cards

Rainbow Ascension Cards