Angel Cards by Jennifer Lynch

Jennifer is a trained massage and reiki therapist she also gives angel card readings along aura drawings in pastel. She works on both the physical levels in her therapies and the emotional levels in her readings and counselling. It is sometimes beneficial to come for a reading and have a few follow up therapy healing sessions. This can clear and re-balance your chakras and create a feeling of well being. Jennifer has been able to see auras for a number of years and she is also clairvoyant. She also works by connecting to angel energy and she believes that this helps her with her work. She has also channeled messages from angels which are in her book The Silver Lining which is available on Amazon. Her article Are Angels Real was published online by Michele Knight and also Dyan Garris. Her best selling book We Hear You Angels and Liberty Angel are also available on Amazon – links to all her books are via the books tab.

An Angelic Aura reading is extremely useful if you have reached a point in your life where you are feeling “stuck” and you wish to move forward. Some people refer to this as being at a crossroads. It may be that you have a difficult personal decision to make, or you are having problems in a relationship. We can also have difficulties with our choice of career or just the people around us whether it be friends or family. An aura reading is a snap shot of your energies at the current time. It can reveal possible outcomes and show your strengths and weaknesses. Past relationships, patterns of behavior can also be revealed. As well as using Angel Cards Jennifer draws the aura (your energy field) in pastel which enables the client to see the particular energies which are around at the present time.

In addition to this she looks at each of the chakras to see how they are functioning – this is shown by the size of the chakra and how much energy is coming through. It could be that the heart chakra is balanced but the solar plexus is weak and blocked because the client has not released situations from the past or is giving away their power. By identifying the blocked chakras it “kick starts” the healing process. It can help identify your “soul purpose” and align your to your original blue print of why you chose to be here. This is extremely helpful. If keep denying our true purpose in life it can create constant disharmony and we find it very hard to move forward. We can also attract situations, people and jobs which lead us along a blind alley by compromising who we really are.

Seeing the future. The future is up to us. We have to take personal responsibility for who we are. The idea of a reading is to identify these choices, empower a client with encouragement and enable them to see their strengths. Although a certain amount of future vision is possible, no “future” is set in stone because we create our future with each and every thought. We have many future possibilities or time lines which are constantly re-adjusting and re-shaping as we change our energies and direction in line with them. We are in constant motion vibrating at slightly different frequencies on a daily basis. When we are ready, an opportunity will present itself. I do not predict the future. I believe strongly that “we make our life”, through positive thought and action. Basically, it is up to us. I do however believe that readings can assist but I would not recommend having too many readings because it takes away personal responsibility and can make your reliant on others rather than yourself.

Jennifer works at many Mind Body and Soul (or Spirit Exhibitions) throughout East Anglia and the U.K. Generally she works within Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. Details of her events will be in her blog. She also gives one to one readings from her home Near Stowmarket. If you are interested in this, please get in touch with her.

Jennifer has been reading professionally since 2006 but she has been on her spiritual path and work within spiritual development groups since 1995. As mentioned above she is also a published poet and a writer.

Therapies, Jennifer trained in Massage therapy at West Suffolk College. She now incorporates a variety of massage techniques she has learnt over the years from qualified practitioners. She uses organic massage oils supplied from Botanicals which are pre-mixed and extremely good quality. Her clients think that they are fantastic. She has been a practicing massage therapist since 2003 and a Reiki practioner since 2001. Jennifer really enjoys her work and enjoys giving both readings and therapies. She has had many clients over the years and extremely good feedback. Some of her clients have kindly given testimonials which are on this website. She is a very experienced and accomplished therapist and reader. If you would like to discuss whether it is best to come for a reading or therapy, please give her a call. (for more information about the chakras and aura readings please go to

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