Its just all so serendipitous at present and your reading as always was spot on
Thanks for yours also. your guides are always right!
Jennifer, your reading was absolutely amazing! I can’t thank you enough, so spot on in all areas of my life. Your reading has certainly given me the motivation to move forward again. I will definitely come back to you in the new year for a complete reading when I get my thoughts in action again.
Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your reading… Do i know you? No really, It was very accurate.. It is surprising that things you know about yourself, sounds strange when someone points things out to you, but i know you are right
Dear Jennifer, Please do not worry, and I appreciate your time and effort into the reading. You are right, I feel like your cards might have picked up on some doubts or even previous arguments with him I have had in the past. I wish you all the joy in your path and thanks again
Hello Jennifer, Firstly let me thank you and the angels and your guides for such a lovely reading
Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the reading, It definitely answered my questions.. What others have not been able to answer. I will certainly pas on your website and details
Hi Jennifer, You did a telephone reading for my friend and I recently and we both wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed it and how accurate you were.. We both felt you were very easy to talk to and had great insight. You described my next romantic interest in great detail and fingers crossed it looks like its already happening just like you said! Thanks again

If you have had a reading with Jennifer please feel free to contact her so that she can add it to this page.