Great New Book

  • August 13, 2022

Read the intro on amazon

A new version of William’s Wishes is now our on both Amazon Kindle and in Paperback Format.

This is the amazon link. Please go and read the intro. It is an amazing story about adoption.

Rebecca gives Bridgette up for adoption feeling that she has no choice After the horrors of the Nuns at St. Catherine’s, she realises that there is only one thing to do, rebuild her life. Years later, Bridgette leaves home to become a nanny and falls for the irresistible Neil, the family’s father. She learns a lot about men, her two mothers, and who is there for her in her life. Sister Mary’s secret has stayed with her for nearly forty years until, by sheer chance, she discovers that things haven’t been quite what she was led to believe. Can these women help each other, or have the wounds of time been too harsh? The women realise that they are connected through the adoption process but the surprises start to happen as the story unfolds.