Angel Cards

Valentines Day – Angel Wisdoms Card of the Day – Ascension

  • February 14, 2019

Happy Valentines Day and Card of the Day to all lovely couples and loved up people in new and exciting relationship, especially to those who are getting married!
Ascension is a place of higher wisdom and understanding where we are easy able to connect to the divine to bring wisdom, light and peace.

Remember that you cannot truely love another unconditionally until you have learned to love YOU.
Everything that you meet and like or dislike about another is a reflection of your inner world (the world which we call us) a button to be pressed or a lesson to be learned.
Hard isn’t it? Yet we choose our experiences so we can grow and understand and co-create our future which can be healthy, happy and wise!

Choose kind words – the words you’d like to hear when speaking to another.
Focus on the good to bring in more good and great experiences and
Be Grateful – because the way of gratitude is the gate to happiness for others and for YOU.

Enjoy today and count your blessings whether you are single or a couple.
Whether you are in company or on your own.
You are loved and blessed as you make your way through the tapestry of life doing your best in a complicated and competitive world.

Love something, it doesn’t have to be a person, love your work, your cat, your dog, your garden – feel the energy of the now – and feel the presence of what is good in your life now and you will feel that special word we all connect with LOVE.

Love Jennifer x