BLAST the PAST Soul Coaching sessions with Coaching, Healing & Energy Balancing.

  • February 7, 2016

new therapy room

Reiki in action

Reiki in action

These fantastic sessions which take two hours, are now available at Combs Complementary, Therapies, Red Gables Ipswich Street, Stowmarket (for more please go to the facebook page) link below.

They are a real opportunity to rid you of previous baggage and ideas which are no longer serving the higher and more evolved you.

1. Break through patterns of low self esteem and lack and move forward into abundance and the
joy of being where and who you are.

2. Feel your energy flow around your body and feel empowered in new and creative ways.

3. Cut way and clear any past energetic patterns that are keeping you from experiencing your true light and being.

4. Move forward with new clarity and enlightened decisions based on your soul purpose and inner truth.

5. Feel relaxed and supported on your journey.

Sessions cost £50 for a two hour session or book 4 sessions for £180 and save £5.00 per session. Tea, coffee and water are provided.

Jennifer has worked as a Soul Coach for the past twenty years as well as being a trained Massage and Reiki Therapist. She has also worked selling magnetic therapy products for Living Heritage Craft Shows as well at Mind Body Soul Events. She has a very positive outlook on life and her work now consists of helping her clients align with their soul purpose by empowering them to be who they are. She believes that no dream is too big and once you know who you are, anything is possible! Jennifer is also a strong advocate of the Law of Attraction. Every thought that we have creates energy and when we resonate with new found inspiration and positivity, we can very quickly be surprised by all the amazing things we can attract. First and foremost, we have to start with our energy field. Jennifer offers treatments for clearing balancing and coaching, enabling you to put your ideas into action. She also provides continued support.

Jennifer’s journey began working as a legal secretary in the 1980s along with various office jobs until she experienced ‘an aha moment’ in 2001 when she trained as a therapist. She spent many years as a single parent which has stood her in good stead for realising her strengths and abilities, as well as being able to empathise with other single parents. Jennifer has attended a counselling course which enables her to combine her listening skills with her intuitive abilities and reiki. She has worked at events throughout the UK and extensively in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. She has also worked giving Angel Card Readings and Soul Coaching for Prime Impact Events in Cambridge and Brentwood, along with working online for a well know tv psychic.

Jennifer started the Natural Co-Creators Show by working for Natural Health Radio in March 2015. It has since gone independent on Sound Cloud and Blog Talk Radio. Natural Co-Creators provides a platform for Authors, Artists, Musicians and Therapists to promote their ideas and upcoming events. It primarily inspires and educates by co-creating success through mindfulness and positive intention, forming a spiritual family who help each other move forward.

Jennifer’s books Liberty Angel and William’s Wishes are based on empowering women to take control of their lives by becoming aware of their own self belief. Liberty Angel is the story of Gemma, a single parent. She learns how to bring balance back into her life by learning meditation and inner strength. It also covers some very difficult aspects of relationships including abuse. Gemma grows and eventually she becomes empowered enough to wake up to her full potential and takes control.

William’s Wishes in a way is partly her own story of adoption. Being adopted enabled her to express true emotions and feelings in this book which gives it a very authentic feel. It covers rejection, abandonment separation and abuse. Both of these fictional stories provide some answers to very
cover difficult dilemmas. The intention was to enable women to experience not only a good story, but to realise that our outcomes are completely within our power and control.

Jennifer works with one to one Soul Coaching along with her beautiful Angel Cards via Skype, telephone or from her therapy room in Stowmarket. She is happy to work within women’s groups and she feels at home making vision boards, meditating and dancing. She likes to embrace all on her journey.