The Natural Co-Creators Show with Jennifer Lynch

  • April 26, 2014

 Natural Co-Creators

What can The Natural Co-Creators show offer you?

Having an interview with Jennifer is an opportunity to be interviewed by a therapist and author who has an understanding of natural health being a qualified therapist and can help bring out the best in you for your interview. Jennifer is also an author and she is happy to interview other authors provided it fits with the ethos of the show.

It increases your confidence by speaking about your work to others. All interviews are recorded via Skype, so they can be edited to make you sound more confident and fluent in your speech.  It defines your goals and intentions because by voicing them, it brings in new energy and new opportunities often arise from this process.

You will be heard on The Natural Co-Creators Show on Natural Health Radio which is a popular radio station, where you have an audience of people who are particularly interested in natural health, therapies, nutrition, healing and environmental projects.  The listeners for this radio station are growing and evolving daily.  Your show will also be re-run many times as well as being made into a blog for people to listen to.  This is particularly helpful if people have missed your show.   They

can then listen to you at their convenience.  Your particular show will  be uploaded to sound cloud which is also a great place with a  large network where people can easily find you.  In addition you will be able to download your own show and keep it or ask for the MP3.  (I will still hold the copyright) which means that you can have the audio for your website etc. but it must not be changed in any way or made into a you tube.  Jennifer will very soon have all her shows on you tube.

The Natural Co-Creators Show on Blog Talk Radio

Natural Co-Creators on Blog talk is fairly new radio station but in less than a month there has already been 300 downloads of my shows.  Natural Co-Creators is now on

Blog Talk Radio on Thursdays at 8 pm.

Social Media

Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and other social media platforms are an invaluable resource for networking and sharing your business ideas.  The Natural Co-Creators Show is shared on my facebook page (over 1000 friends) Twitter over 1000 followers, Google Plus and Pin Interest so many people will be aware of your interview.  In addition you have the opportunity to share the preview of your show with your social networks.  This ensures that many people have the opportunity to listen to the shows through social networking along with downloading the shows to listen to at a convenient time.

Your own website

It is great marketing for your business to have your own audio on your website as an MP3 for people to listen to.  Downloading from Soundcloud or requesting your own audio from Jennifer allows you to do this.  The audio will be sent to you via google plus via (sharing documents) so please ensure that you have a google email account if you wish to do this.

Bio and photographs

Please provide Jennifer with a photograph that you would like on your bio for the radio shows.  Just one, if you are an author and you wish to talk about your book please also send me an image of your book.  One main website link can be put on the bio and your are allowed to give your web link and face book links on the radio show.

Please note that my shows are clearly not about Marketing Pitches, the people I have on the show have to have an ethical business with inspiring and interesting ideas which will empower and benefit others.  Natural Co-Creators is a network that is intended to uplift and inspire others and the radio shows are part of this process.

We are interested in helping others gain success through conscious and ethical principals.


I am presently offering 15 minute interviews for free and 30 minutes and 55 minute shows paid.  A 55 minute show includes an initial chat about your show, expectations, what you would like to talk about, arranging a mutually convenient time for your interview.  Recording the interview though Skype, 3 – 4 hours editing taking out anything that doesn’t run smoothly, uploading to the radio station(s), writing the bio, using key words so that people can find you, uploading your photograph.  Sharing on all my social media channels and notifying you that the interview has been completed with a link to the show.

A 55 minute show which is uploaded to Sound Cloud costs £55 – which basically is £1 per minute

A 30 minute show costs £30 which is also uploaded to sound cloud.

If you wish to also be on Blog Talk Radio, the cost is an extra £20 making your total show costs £75 for 55 minutes or £55 for 30 minutes.

This is an option if you would like to reach a wider audience.

I look forward to hearing from you with your inspiring business ideas and learning about your business.

Jennifer Lynch

Natural Co-Creators

A Conscious Global Community sharing ideas to co-create ethical and successful businesses.



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