We Hear You Angels by Jennifer Lynch

  • March 30, 2014




“We Hear You Angels is here to help you connect to your guardian angel and to learn how to invite angels into your life. It could be that you have seen an angel or you want to learn more about them. Jennifer combines her own experiences of angels with messages channeled through the angels, for us to learn about why they are connecting to us now. By listening to the angelic realms we not only gain wisdom ourselves, but we begin to take our next evolutionary step forward as a human race.


This book explores how to make a connection to your Guardian Angel, as well as learning how to listen to your angel.  It also looks at different types of angels as well as light beings. How by surrendering and passing your wishes up to the angels, is not the same as the Law of Attraction.  It looks at archangels and my own angelic experiences. It helps you bring angels into your life with a realistic and balanced perspective.  There are a few meditations or ‘opening up’ exercises which will help you to have a closer connection to the angelic realms, as well as clearing and balancing your energy fields.  There are also channeled messages which I have received from angels, which explain about what’s happening on planet earth at this evolutionary time.  Why angels choose to be with us now through our transition, both as a race and as a planet.  How angels come close to us in times of great upheaval both personally and universally.  Why we find feathers and what this means.  It asks, are angel feathers different to bird feathers?  What makes them so special?  I explain the need for us to become as balanced as we possibly can, particularly at this time of great upheaval. Why we are evolving and re-connecting to who we really are.  We are both human and angelic.  I explain about our chakra energies and the need to stay in the ‘now moment’ the gateway to the Uni-verse – our oneness or unity consciousness and more importantly your conscious self.


Many of us have understood, from a very young age, that we have a Guardian Angel.  But I wonder how many of us have grown into adulthood and still believe that we have an angel with us now, probably not many of us.  So what happened in our lives that changed our minds?  At what point did we stop believing that we are guided and protected by angels? If we would only wake up to the fact that we can still connect to angels in our daily lives and hear their gentle and encouraging words of wisdom, the world would be a different place. Many earthlings are totally unaware that we have an angel who is with us and will always be with us. This angel is assigned to us for our whole life and agrees to be our guardian.  In my work as a therapist and angel card reader, I often see angels around people when they come to me for a reading.  I have noticed that the angels are around people who are going through a particularly difficult time.  The angels always come in very close around my clients.  They often report to me that they are aware of angels and they have experienced feelings of being comforted. They too see angelic light or they say that they have been touched by the angels.  Sometimes they discover white feathers left for them in times of need.  So many of us are sensitive to these angelic energies but dismiss it, unless it’s a time when we are in need of comfort. The angels appear to me as white light, which often sits around a person’s shoulders or the energy of an angel might be standing by a person’s side.  Archangel Michael is at many sides. He appears with his sword of protection.  He comes to us to give strength and direction.  Angels gather around our heads and rest on our shoulders and sometimes touch people on the head, or blow softly.  They make contact with us in many ways.  So despite what you may think (rational mind), you are not shouldering your burdens alone because the angels do hear our requests.  They help us by sending love and healing at difficult times.  If you are a very sensitive person you may be aware of it.  To say you need to believe in angels in order to feel their presence does contain an element of truth because to be ‘open’ to seeing and believing in them, will accelerate angelic experiences.  But it is entirely our personal choice whether we chose to stay in the current vibration, or raise our energies to connect to other realms. There was a time when people accepted that our world was flat and if you travelled too far, you could fall off the edge!  Your energetic world consists of ‘the world,’ that you yourself choose to create.  Some people choose to become aware and others chose to be unaware of these frequencies.  This doesn’t mean that they don’t exist!  It means they exist beyond what is termed as ‘normal’ human perception!  So are we ready for more dimensions?  Are we ready to evolve to think that humans and angels can co-exist within the same time space reality?  Are we ready to raise our vibration or frequency to accommodate more than what was written on the school blackboard?  If not, then maybe this book isn’t for you!  For at first we have to believe, and then we see.  Although occasionally, I believe that we break through without believing. An angel will appear right in front of us.  From a personal point of view, I didn’t believe in angels until someone said that Archangel Gabriel was standing at the side of me and helping me with my work.   Another lady drew a picture of an angel standing behind me.  It was confirmation for me of the feelings and messages I had already been receiving but I was still partly in denial until then. It was at this point in my life when I started to really feel angels around me.  I felt their warmth, energy and comfort, and at times it felt as if they were holding me.  The angels left me feathers in my darkest moments, which helped me to turn my life around.  I saw huge round orbs and one day an angel came to speak to me from inside an orb! It sounded like a heavenly voice singing at a very high frequency. But how did all this start?  It began with tiny flashes of blue energy – electric blue, like the sparks from Archangel Michael’s sword opening up another sphere of reality. The unreal then became real to me and I was amazed!

One summer when my son was quite young, I took him to Cornwall to surf.  At this time, funds were very low and I was travelling on a whim and a prayer.  I had enough money to get by for food and camping for about four days but I had planned to be in Cornwall for a week, staying at a camp site near Newquay.

I left my son having a surf lesson because he felt quite comfortable with the guys, who were taking him into the sea. They were going to teach him the basic techniques of how to stand up on the board. It was raining and quite choppy, and I was a little concerned about him going out too far.  Still, the surf school was good and two men went out into the sea with the new pupils, one each side.  Newquay, if you have ever been there, you will know that it is a very busy place and this particular summer, was no exception.  I wandered around the little tourist shops and decided to get a cup of tea.  I looked in my purse.  Funds were extremely low even lower than I imagined and I felt a sense of panic, rise up inside me.  I really didn’t want to let my son down, but what could I do?  There would be maybe enough money left for two days, if I was lucky.  As I stood in the queue in the cafe waiting to be served a cup of tea, I glanced down at the floor and I noticed a small white fluffy feather laying there.  I was very surprised because it wasn’t as if there was any other rubbish on the floor, or any indication that it had been dropped.  Although I had checked by bank balance the previous day, I then heard a voice ask that I return to the Bank and take another look.


“I have believed in angels for a long time although it is only in the past few years I have been unafraid to be open about it. As Jennifer says, once you open yourself up and acknowledge the angels they are able to work more closely with you. Having my angel around me brings me comfort and strength. Thank you Jennifer for opening up to us and giving others the courage to do the same. ”

“I really enjoyed reading Jennifer’s honest and heartfelt words on her experiences with Angels. Many of her interactions and messages from them resonated with me. I also learnt helpful meditations and protection visualisations that I will be and have, incorportated into my day. Many thanks Jennifer for sharing. An enlightening read!”

“For people who lead fast lives, this book is just the tonic !
It is an informative, insightful book, clearly written by someone who has first hand experience of Angels.
The difference with this book compared to others I have read, is that the author keeps it personal, referring to her own accounts and experiences, rather than a book soley made up of other peoples exerts.
Poetry, meditations and validations are all used in reassuring ways to help the reader grow in their path, bringing understanding and a greater awareness of the angelic realms, helping to ground and nurture along the way.

“I really enjoyed reading this book. I think for someone who is just beginning to receive, or wants to understand more about how to receive the messages from angels, this is a great place to start. I am sure people with more experience would enjoy it as well though. It is lovely to read Jennifers own experiences, and I believe this can help gently guide people who are looking for the next step towards communicating with angels”.

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